PVC window

Plastic windows are considered the most beautiful and modern version of glazing. You can choose the classic white version, and choose an interesting color solution for your interior, or add a special sophistication by choosing a profile that simulates the luxurious wood species: oak, walnut, beech, ash. The undoubted advantage of plastic windows is that they do not lose their aesthetic properties over the years of operation (of course, provided that you choose quality windows in a proven firm). Snow white color and shine will last for a long time without much effort, because the plastic profile does not turn yellow and is very easy to clean: it will become clean inside and outside for a few minutes. No painting, sizing and other tedious procedures applied to wooden windows. Even severe Russian winters will not cause damage to plastic structures, they will remain as tight, reliable and attractive. If you prefer a color option or a “tree” design, be sure that such a product will faithfully serve you for many years without losing its properties, and the color will be preserved as it was on the first day of use.


The five-chamber profile system REHAU EURO 70 can be called a modern standard of windows. This is exactly the option when there is all that is needed and in sufficient quantity.
REHAU EURO 70 profile windows combine sound insulation, noise and dust protection, high energy-saving characteristics and elegant appearance. Mounting depth of 70 mm and five chamber structure provide high resistance values ​​of thermal conductivity.
REHAU EURO 70 is a universal profile system. Its design and energy-saving characteristics make it possible to manufacture all kinds of metal-plastic structures.


Advantages of the PVC window system IDEAL 4000®
5-chamber profile system installation of insulating glass with thickness up to 41 mm is available with standard equipment, the coefficient of heat transfer resistance Rq = 0.77 m2 • K / W Class 4 sound insulation (up to 45 dB)
a variety of forms: frames, window sashes, door sashes of external and internal opening It is possible to install a ventilation system (Regel-Air) suitable for stained glass replacement of seals is possible
PVC windows IDEAL 4000 equipped with appropriate fittings guarantee protection from hacking Available in different colors.


REHAU SYNEGO – a new profile system that allows you to make windows 50% warmer than usual. The REHAU SYNEGO profile is a 7-chamber thermal insulation system with a heat transfer resistance coefficient of 1.0 m2 ° C / W. In combination with a warm energy-efficient double-glazed window, the heat transfer resistance coefficient of the structure will be up to 1.51 m2 ° C / W. The profile system REHAU SYNEGO has an increased class of protection against breaking – class WK-3 (A).
The profile of REHAU SYNEGO is an environmentally friendly product that meets all European quality standards. Constructions made from this profile have been certified and approved for installation in medical and children’s institutions.