Internal aluminum partitions and doors

Alutech ALT 110

A unique system of elements ALT110 Partitions (Alutech) allows you to assemble it without first drilling the main profile:

  • realization of any angles of rotation of the structure from 90 ° to 270 °
  • installation of several combined doors with any filling
  • wiring of power supply, telephone and computer networks inside the partition;
  • possibility of installation of blinds 16-25mm
  • wide range of filling the partition: 1-, 2е glass 4,5,6 and 8mm, gypsum cardboard, particleboard, MDF, gypsum, etc. thickness from 4 to 16mm
  • the filling is fixed by special locks
  • fastening with steel leveling corners allows to fix the stand to the floor and ceiling, and also to regulate and expose elements without dopes, to
  • hold the blinds cords, to hide the unaesthetic places of cutting

Alutech ALT C48

Alutech ALT C48 system is a high-quality profile construction, which is manufactured by a group of companies Alutech made of ultra-strong materials using state-of-the-art technologies. Alutech ALT C48 system is designed to create products that do not require thermal insulation: windows of various types of opening, doors consisting of one or more doors, as well as combined structures. Mounting depth and width of the Alutech ALT C48 system are 26-50 mm and 48 mm respectively.
The profile system Alutech ALT C48 has a mass of advantages that favorably isolate it from a huge number of similar structures:
1. Easy installation. The Alutech ALT C48 system can be assembled, as well as its installation, by any master of the relevant profile, who, in a short period of time, will perform all necessary work on the installation of the structure. The simplicity of installation is due to the structure of the Alutech ALT C48 system, which is characterized by the availability of standard fasteners and high-quality components.