Frameless glazing

Glass partitions allow you to effectively divide office and interior spaces, providing daylight access to all interior spaces. The use of glass partitions leads to the fact that when visually small in size the room seems much larger. Quite often in glass partitions mirror panels are used to increase this effect. Thus, glass partitions create comfortable conditions for life and work. Glass partitions can be both rectilinear and complex shapes (curved “molten” glass is used) and include a variety of doors (pendulum, swinging or recoiling) of tempered glass. Any interior can be decorated with glass partitions due to a variety of fittings, a variety of glass and various installation options.
In glass partitions, transparent and tinted glass is used, the light transmitting capacity of such a glass partition can be different. Using an electrochromic glass, it is possible to obtain a glass partition with a variable degree of transparency. When voltage is applied to such a glass partition, it becomes completely opaque. Glass used in glass partitions is tempered glass or triplex (laminated glass) super-strong and reliable. In case of unforeseen circumstances, a strong tempered glass in a glass partition is broken up into many small fragments that can not cause harm to a person. Reliable and durable materials made of aluminum are used as fastenings in glass partitions.
For many companies, glass partitions are not only an opportunity to divide office space, but also an indicator of the image and modern style of work.