Aluminum windows, doors, facades

Reynaers CS 77

Optimal safety and comfort

Concept System® 77 is a thermally insulated window system that meets the highest requirements for thermal insulation, strength and safety. The insulation index (Uf) of this system for a standard window opening is reduced to 1.6 W / m²K. The unique design of the system makes it ideal for double-glazed windows. The CS 77 system, as material, received the Swiss Minergie® certificate.

Such operational characteristics of the system as sound insulation, water and airtightness, as well as bulletproof and fire resistant versions, meet the most stringent European standards. In addition, the windows made from the CS 77 system, in different versions, correspond to the levels of protection against hacking of the 2nd and 3rd classes, which makes the material unusually safe.

For combination with various architectural styles of buildings the system is available in various design variants: Functional, Renaissance and Hidden Flap.

The CS 77 system provides a full range of solutions for all types of windows opening in and out. The possibilities of combining the CS 77 window structures with the door system of the same type, the CP 130/155 sliding systems and the Ventalis ventilation elements make it extremely versatile for all types of construction, even with the highest safety requirements.

Reynaers CS 86-HI

High energy saving

Concept System® 86-HI is a thermally insulated window system for internal opening. The material meets the highest requirements for insulation, safety and durability. The combination of reliable profiles and multi-chamber thermal bridge provides exceptional durability and improved water and airtightness. The system is ideal for the use of double-glazed windows in it.

The coefficient of thermal conductivity (Uf) of the system is reduced to 1.2 W / m²K for a conventional window structure. This makes the material one of the most effective in terms of energy conservation to date. The CS 86 system has obtained Swiss energy efficiency certificates for Minergie® and Minergie-P® materials. Regarding security, the CS 86-HI system provides protection against hacking of the 2nd and 3rd classes, which guarantees the highest level of security.

Reynaers MasterLine 8

Created for professionals

MasterLine 8 is a unique new window system that combines an infinite variety of design features with the best in its class characteristics of thermal insulation, air and water resistance, as well as production speed. This new innovative system opens a window into the future for Reynaers’ partners and customers. The MasterLine 8 system meets the requirements of professionals who value excellent performance, durability, comfort and reliability. This new generation of innovative solutions for windows reflects the current architectural trends towards maximizing daylight, offering exceptional levels of isolation.
MasterLine 8 has 3 different levels of insulation, offering solutions for houses with high insulation, houses with low energy consumption and even energy-passive houses. These different levels of thermal insulation are achieved through the use of new and “smart” materials. The unique concept of MasterLine 8 systems allows you to combine a wide range of types of openings, design options and different levels of thermal insulation, ensuring maximum versatility for architects, investors and house owners. Different designs, each with its own look and feel, make the MasterLine 8 line universal for use in any architectural style.

Reynaers CP 155

Quality and insulation

Concept Patio® 155 is a first-class system of thermally insulated sliding and sliding-sliding doors. It is designed to create the largest glazed surfaces, taking into account increased comfort. The system is perfectly compatible with designs from the CS 86 system.

The CP 155 system exists in the version “superisolation” (gets the ending “-HI”). With improved thermal insulation, the system meets the requirements of energy-efficient buildings. The variant of this one-way door received a Swiss certificate for energy-absorbing Minergie® materials.

The CP 155 is offered with a variety of opening options, and the low threshold option allows improved access to the building. Installation of an automatic drive for opening will guarantee maximum convenience.

Lifting and sliding system provides for the design of doors of exceptionally large size with a weight of one leaf up to 400 kg. CP 155 corresponds to the 2nd class of protection against hacking, which indicates the security and reliability of the solution.

Reynaers CW 50

Unlimited freedom of creativity and maximum transparency

Curtain Wall 50 is a rack-and-beam facade system that does not limit the creativity of the architect and maximizes the building for daylight.

In the CW 50 system – the widest range of solutions for various requirements and purposes: fire resistant, with improved thermal insulation, for steel – with improved load-bearing capacity, for translucent roofs and with openings of various types (hidden, top-hung, parallel sliding, etc.). The system provides for three types of structural glazing, when double-glazed windows are fixed by means of structural sealant or internal pressure profiles, creating a whole-glass exterior surface of the facade. CW 50-SL or Thin line has a thin inner part (15 mm instead of 50 mm). For the CW 50-HL or the Horizontal line, an external decorative profile in the form of a cone is used, which can pull the building into height or length.

The system is designed for installation of double-glazed double-glazed units, which allows it to be used for energy-efficient buildings.

Reynaers CW 86

High speed of installation

Curtain Wall 86 is a thermally insulated façade system with improved thermal performance. First of all, the material is used for the construction of multi-storey buildings. On such projects, the speed of installation on the site is very important. Therefore, CW 86 provides a solution in which the glass and aluminum elements are assembled in advance into the shop, delivered assembled to the site, where they are installed using traditional fasteners. Thus, the facade, as in the case of a panel house, is being built very quickly.

System CW 86 provides two options for glazing: cassette (CG), when the glass is fixed by means of glazing beads; and structural (SG) with the gluing of glass structural sealant. The latter option offers a uniform glass surface.

Thermotechnical characteristics of the system, depending on requirements and objectives, can be different. Special drainage solutions, such as cascade drainage of moisture, increases the air and waterproof qualities of the facade. This again confirms the possibility of using the system in conditions close to extreme, for example, on windy coasts and high altitudes.

Windows, doors and sun protection systems Reynars can be easily integrated into the facade of the CW 86. In addition, the top-hung and parallel sliding windows in this system are installed automatic opening actuators, which greatly extends the possibilities of your facade.